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A new book by metro Detroit Author – Jeffrey F. Paulsen

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Attorney Jeffrey Paulsen is now wearing two hats, one as a highly successful international business lawyer for over twenty-five years, and as an author of a fiction novel that poses appeal to both non-Armenians and Armenians. It’s just what we need to get our story out to the public.

The exciting new publication is called Blueprint For Genocide and made its debut at the Armenian Congregational Church in Southfield, MI. to a large audience of area residents. The story basically takes place in Lexington, MI. a small waterfront city near Port Huron a short distance from Detroit.

Paulsen was introduced by Rev. Dr Vahan Tootikian who performed the wedding ceremony of Paulsen and his lawyer wife the former Diane Margosian at the same church. Badveli Tootikian glowingly remarked “The book is a page turner. You don’t want to put it down.”

Perhaps I should say the author proudly wears another hat too as a member of a large extended family of Armenians who share a great deal of time together and have welcomed several ethnic Germans into the family. As the blond haired, blue eyed Paulsen says, “I am Armenian by marriage.”

We people who reside in Michigan are very proud of our state surrounded by the beautiful Great Lakes and Paulsen has made one of them, Lake Huron the setting where this novel unfolds mysteries connected to both Turkish and German influences discovered at their family cottage.

Paulsen is a history buff and expertly intertwines Armenian foods, culture, religion, and history with a story that becomes believable involving the granddaughter of Sultan Hamid who is married to a former German SS officer. Paulsen displays a mind that has been well taught the Armenian way of life and obviously has thoroughly embraced it.

The mysterious Turkish-German couple were previous owners of this 4,000 square foot, five bedroom grand house located on three acres on Lake Huron. Eastward across the clear blue waters of Lake Huron is Canada.

During prohibition, illegal spirits were smuggled across this waterway from Canada to the US and even today north of the city of Algonac where the St. Clair River narrows, Canada is clearly visible.  Signs are posted: “Patrolled by the United States Border Patrol.” Illegal aliens and drugs are still smuggled into the US. Detroit is connected to these waterways by the Detroit River.

How and when they ‘gave’ the magnificent house with a value of hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Armenian family unfolds leaving you to come to the conclusion that guilt had to play a huge part in this gesture. The guilt comes from the Ottoman Turks’ genocide of the Armenians with the aid and abetting of the Germans.

If you are thinking “I should be so fortunate, we are on the same wave length. An idyllic summer setting, the cottage becomes the backdrop for summer weekend gatherings for the large extended family and many grandchildren where swimming and lots of traditional ethnic foods are consumed.

The youngsters are the discoverers of a metal box containing a German luger. A bunker, swastikas, pump house, and waterfront location add to the intrigue that make Blueprint For Genocide a great read.

Family values are freely discussed and passed onto the younger family members. The melding of the Margosian-Paulsen clan typify what life in America brings. As Paulsen indicates The Armenian story is one of survival with the will to move forward while never forgetting the past.

Give Paulsen credit for his strong beliefs about the Armenian Genocide which he freely discusses in his excellent book and his explanation about Genocide and the Turkish- United States relationship.

He says, “It is well documented that Nazi Germany relied on lessons learned from the Armenian massacres that took place from 1915-1922. The fact that leading nations of the world failed to step in and stop the Armenian Genocide and then subsequently failed to hold the Young Turks and the Turkish government accountable for these intentional mass killings did not go un-noticed by Adolph Hitler.

Blueprint will surely be the first of other books by Paulsen connected to this family cottage with a fascinating history that will continue to appeal to Armenians and non-Armenians alike. And that is a good thing.

The June 5, book signing event was sponsored by the Armenian Renaissance Association.

You can find more information about the book at or by searching for Blueprint For Genocide on Amazon Books.

“Books by local authors offer inspiration and escapism”

Blueprint For Genocide was one of four books profiled in the “YES!” section of the Sunday, May 20, 2012 edition of the Detroit Free Press under the headline noted above.

Blueprint For Genocide-ARA Book Signing-June 5, 2012

The Armenian Renaissance Association is sponsoring a meeting and book signing of BLUEPRINT FOR GENOCIDE on Tuesday, June 5, 2012 from 7-9pm at the Armenian Congregational Church, 26210 West Twelve Mile Road, Southfield, Michigan.  Please RSVP to

Novel Portrays Intriguing Connection between Holocaust and Genocide”

See page 14 of the attached link for the Blueprint For Genocide review by The Armenian Mirror-Spectator based in Massachusetts, the first English Language Armenian Weekly newspaper in the United States since 1932.

Paulsen interview on Bloomfield Community Television

Local Attorney Publishes Novel about Genocide

BLOOMFIELD HILLS (February 27) — Blueprint For Genocide, a recently published historical fiction by J. F. Paulsen, is a story of the survival of a family and of traditions. The story takes place at an idyllic remote family summer home located on the Michigan shores of Lake Huron. An Armenian family discovers a German Luger in a swastika insignia engraved metal box and other World War II artifacts at the beach. As the family searches for the truth about the Jewish Holocaust and the escape of former Nazis to America, they discover a connection to the Armenian Genocide. The reason why the United States Government has failed to recognize the Armenian massacres as genocide has long been questioned by historians and people of Armenian ancestry. The family comes to understand the reason the United States Government has failed to recognize the massacre of the Armenian people during the early twentieth century as genocide.

“This is a story of the survival of one of civilization’s oldest cultures. Despite a policy intended to systematically exterminate the Armenian people, now nearly 100 hundred years later, the Armenian people and their ancient culture continue to thrive,” said Mark Kadian, former Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Armenian Congregational Church of Greater Detroit.  “We are pleased that Mr. Paulsen’s novel serves as a reminder of the Armenian Genocide and to atrocities against others committed less than a generation later.”

“While the characters and story in my novel are fictional, reports of past genocides and ongoing genocides are true. The failure of the United States to not recognize the past Armenian massacres as genocide and the inconsistent application of the laws condemning genocide needs to be explained.  Armenian Genocide survivors created new lives here in America and elsewhere, but the attempted extermination of their heritage and culture has never been properly recognized. The failure to condemn this past genocide has only helped fuel ongoing instances of genocide that are occurring even today.” said Paulsen, an international business lawyer.

Blueprint For Genocide is available in paperback or as an e-book on Kindle at  Further information and background can be found at or by contacting Mr. Paulsen at 248-456-0646 or at